Features of 3G phones

When talking about the third generation of mobile devices, this indicates the Internet, which became available on the cell phones, unlike what was used in the technology of the second generation, which was available only on voice applications such as calls, call waiting and voice mail, and the features of 3G phones that You should recognize them:

 The 3G network is faster than its predecessor, as the network provides access to the Internet, and the Internet is used on 3G devices at high speed, making it easier to use multimedia applications. The 3G technology allows mobile phones to surf the Internet and conduct live video and audio interviews.

In addition, it provides 3G technology and two concurrent services on cellular devices. The 3G technology also protects and protects the confidentiality and privacy of its users from breaches and illegal violations, if they occur in the second and first generations.

It also features 3G with high data transfer rates, making it easier to turn on TV services over these devices. It also allows 3G to handle the Internet protocol, enabling the cell to stay ready for any moment of Internet connection.

Features of 3G phones
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