Find out how to treat intestinal worms

There are many natural ways to help treat intestinal worms in children and adults, including drenched onions, soak a number of slices of fresh onions in water for 12 hours full, then water and separate the onion and then drink after adding a little honey to replace it, drink a cup Daily and continue until the patient to be expelled all the hands in his intestines, and may be injected with the anal soaked after cooling it is very useful.

It can be cured by garlic, it is very useful in killing intestinal worms, and for adults taken a number of cloves of garlic and swallowing on the empty stomach, they kill worms completely, but impossible to use the same method for children so we go to boil garlic in a glass of milk and drink The child after the temperature becomes moderate, as injected from the same substance in the anus slowly, they kill worms and eggs.

The fruit of pineapple is one of the ways where the patient ate pineapple for 3 days continuously without eating any other food is repellent worms and eggs, in addition to the seeds of pumpkin: and occurs through the peel of pumpkin seeds and crushed with sugar, and then taken on the stomach, preferably To eat then carrot.

In addition to the Mexican tea, you must combine the branches, flowers and leaves of the Mexican tea, and then grind them and then describe them, and then leave them to cool a little and drink three times a day, and anabroot: by chewing the seeds of amber once a day, and turmeric, Take turmeric either as a powder, or add it to the food as a form of spices and cloves. Mix half a teaspoon of cloves with water and drink daily.
Find out how to treat intestinal worms
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