Foods to increase weight in children

Some foods that help to feed the baby and increase weight better and healthier, first milk, where milk helps build muscle; It is also a good source of calcium, and other minerals, and vitamins, it also provides the body with carbohydrates, fats, proteins, whey.

Eggs where eggs are foods that help build muscle, because of its content of proteins, and healthy fats, it is worth mentioning that egg yolk contains most nutrients, but it is worth noting that some people may suffer from the intolerance of eggs.

Rice also contains large amounts of carbohydrates and calories, but it is important to note that eating too much rice is unhealthy because it contains toxic arsenic and phytic acid, which reduces zinc absorption. , And iron.

As well as red meat, where red meat is a good source of protein, and contains the amino acid leucine, which stimulates the building muscle protein, in addition to containing creatine, which is used to build muscle, and it helps to increase weight; And calories.

Dehydrated fruits contain high amounts of calories, antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, as well as their high content of sugars, making them unsuitable for individuals who want to lose weight. Avocado: The fruit of avocados contains many nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, some useful plant compounds, healthy fats, and unlike many fruits, they provide the body with large amounts of calories.

In addition to cheese, where the cheese contains large amounts of fat and calories, and intake of large quantities provides the body with proteins, and whole milk, where the milk contains a large number of nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fat, and can be used to prepare many Of the recipes that help to gain weight, it can also be taken after adding dried fruits, or honey, or nuts, or coconut flakes to it.
Foods to increase weight in children
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