Home Recipes for Heartburn Treatment

 Eyeburn treatments are based on the underlying cause of the infection. For example, if the cause of heartburn is a bacterial infection, the doctor may recommend an antibiotic for the eye to treat the infection. Treatments are often aimed at reducing eye dryness. Other for eye burns such as, clean the eyelid near the eyelashes using a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. The person can dry the eye gently after cleaning.

Moisturizing eye drops are used to reduce redness and feel better. For very dry eyes, the doctor may prescribe moist eye drops or droplets that make artificial tears, use warm bandages on the eyes, and squeeze with a clean towel In warm water and then put it on the eye.

You can also use eye drops or antihistamines to reduce the effects of eye allergies, and to eat beneficial supplements such as fish oil and flaxseeds. These oils may help reduce the effects of eye dryness. They are especially useful for people with pink acne. Water throughout the day to maintain eye moisture and reduce dehydration.

If you use the computer too much, it is best to have regular breaks to reduce eye exposure to dryness, and you should always wear sunglasses to protect the eye from ultraviolet radiation and irritation.
Home Recipes for Heartburn Treatment
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