How do I spend my time with my children?

One of the most important ways to help each mom or dad to spend time with children, first Fund of security, where the fund is created with children and decorate the drawings and pictures, and talk to him about wishes, and explain the concept of the word security, It is necessary to make the child understand that security should not be anything but material, as it may be a dream to pursue it.

Second, reading, where it is better to familiarize the child with reading, with the need to understand that the book best friend, and that holding it should be fun, and if the child is not proficient in reading, it is possible to rely on images to explain the content of the story or book, because the pictures Help him to imagine.

Three of the most important methods of photography and writing, where parents prefer with children to make a small booklet containing pictures of places to be seen during a particular visit, trip, or travel, and children can photograph the places they go to, or write stories, Or send a letter to a relative with the help of parents, which increases their happiness and comfort.

The fourth is sport where you can exercise with the child, such as football, which makes the child feel fun and enables him to discharge his energies and strengthen his relationship with his parents and brothers. There is also a game tent games work tent for parents to play with children, It is possible for a child to have a tea party, play with cups, make sweets, eat and play in the tent, or can play a play within it, and invite parents to watch them, encouraging the child to innovate and express.

How do I spend my time with my children?
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