How happy my children are

The children are the most beautiful gifts of God in the earth, and the most joyful and the smile on our faces, so we have to take care of them and work on their happiness to lead a life of dignity and happiness and joy, here are the most important ways to help to enter the joy in the hearts of your children, including going out with your children to walk and relax You can play the ball during a picnic, for example, to have a specific weekend for a different outdoor picnic at a time. This will help to relieve your child and you also by having fun together.

As they help children to help the mother in the house, especially when they enter the kitchen, let them help you in a reasonable way, it will raise their sense of responsibility towards their family and home, such as helping you to grope vegetables and fruits, or decorate small pieces of cake, or help you to arrange the pots or bring one at And can help you prepare the juice or even the pizza.

Children are also happy to tell anecdotes, start by telling a fun story to your children, supporting verbal narration with pictures or movements, and taking care of the loudness of the narration. When you finish telling the story, ask your child to re-list it in his or her own language. This develops the skill of his speech and increases the encyclopedia of words stored in his mind and develops his imagination.
How happy my children are
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