How to carry the baby correctly

 To ensure the safety of the child when carrying it, the following guidelines must be followed. Make sure that the hands are clean before washing the baby. The vaccine is still in development, and the germs transmitted can cause the disease, and it is advisable to keep a sterile sterilizer for the guests who want to carry it.

You should also feel comfortable and confident to carry the new baby, and often you will have a strange feeling, but nothing wrong, you should just breathe, spend some time getting used to, and give the child support at the neck and head, the child's head is the heaviest part of his body, His neck is before the fourth month, and attention must be paid to the frontal bosom, which is the open part of the baby's head.

When the baby is caught, a hand should be placed under his head, a hand at the bottom of his body, and then his body elevated to the chest level. All pregnancy positions are available as long as there is support for the baby's neck and head, such as shoulder-to-shoulder pregnancy. To the body of the person carrying it, and the child's head rests on his shoulder.
How to carry the baby correctly
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