How to clean viruses without programs

The virus can be cleaned from non-programs by clicking on the word Start on the desktop, selecting the search word, and typing the word all the files and files in the existing window that appears on the right. Type the name of the virus to be searched for, for example "ywhsh", and click on the search word.

If there is no result, the computer is free from any viruses. If a gray bear appears in which the computer has viruses, delete the gray bear by clicking delete on the right mouse button. Left; because this leads to the virus opening.

It is also possible to access the trash and delete viruses, and signs of viruses in the computer, the message of lack of preservation, the reason for insufficient space, the disappearance of the files in the computer, and the difficulty in opening files, and slow implementation of various applications, Applications.
How to clean viruses without programs
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