How to fill children's leisure time

One of the important things that helps you work your child's time is to do voluntary work. Getting children to help and doing volunteer work is a powerful factor in educating them about being responsible. Helping others teaches children the meaning of commitment and feels their duty to society to change. Giving children the opportunity to do volunteer work carries a very important message to them that their presence is important and has an impact on society.

You can help them play as they help motivate children's imagination, imagination from the cornerstones of the world of children, and almost everything around them stimulates their fantasies, including the usual tools around them; they use them as symbols for certain characters or objects, Socialization of children: The interaction of children with others helps them to build a strong personality, and contribute to the acquisition of multiple social skills, such as: cooperation, participation, and others.

It is also necessary to exercise. Encouraging children to play sports by doing some simple sports with family members or by joining a children's sports club that suits their interests and skills helps to discharge their energies and makes them physically and psychologically healthy children. The type of sports activities appropriate for each age of the child in order to create a real desire to exercise.
How to fill children's leisure time
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