How to make your child love to read

One of the most important ways to help your child become a reader is to read the child first. It is the best way to get the child to read and read on a daily basis. Reading is one of the best ways to teach children about words and rhythm. Sequence, and with days the child will be able to develop reading skills and start reading on his own.

The picture books should also be used to encourage children to read, read the book to the child, hide the text on each page, keep the images clearly visible, and ask the child to recount the story from his or her memory as seen in the illustrations. Cut the text from images and let the child gather each text with its own caption, and may not be able to read the words but it can recognize the words of their appearance.

As well as diversifying the reading activities, parents should make reading an essential part of a child's life by allowing him to read different lists, the name of the movie when viewed together, instructions on games, road signs, weather report, and other phrases he encounters during his daily life , Making sure that the child has something to read in his free time.

Creative applications should also be used. Children can be allowed to use smart phones and tablets to install useful and safe reading applications, so children can have a good reading space without parents worrying about what might happen to them while they surf the Internet. What is presented to their child, and to determine the length of time during which he is allowed to perform various activities using the temporary advantage.
How to make your child love to read
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