How to speed up download

One of the most important ways to speed up the download is to use extenders or duplicators, which helps the use of redundant devices for wireless Internet signals or extensions to accelerate online downloads, by enhancing the coverage of Wi-Fi signals issued by the router, and may need some of these types The devices have wide settings, while some may only need installation on the wall.

The multiplicity of activities should be minimized. This means that the multiplicity of activities performed during the Internet connection reduces the speed of loading large files. In order to expedite the download process, it is recommended to stop any other activities while doing so. ; Because of the low use of the Internet at these times.

Routers and routers should be checked. The slow load problem may result from a problem with routers or Internet connections. This problem is resolved by evaluating the status of the routers and determining the distance between them and the computer, and considering the possibility of eliminating any of them, The presence of any router or a connection between the computer and the modem may reduce the download speed, as these devices filter the traffic of incoming and outgoing data.

You must be sure that your Internet service provider can be slow to download online from your ISP. Because, depending on the policy of these companies, the Internet service to subscribers is limited to a certain size per month, and when the subscriber exceeds this limit, the company slows the speed of Internet service , And this size of the service is often too large, and can not be exceeded by normal, but if several people to transfer data at the same time will exceed the ceiling of the data specified, so this must be taken into account.
How to speed up download
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