Kevin supported the child's self-confidence

There are some ways to support the child's self-confidence, including creating a constant routine for the child. Creating a regular routine for the child is by creating a system of daily activities in order, such as bathing first, reading books or listening to the songs. This system feels reassured and controlled by his day , And that helps him prepare himself to do many things during the day and gives him the freedom to play, learn and grow; because random events cause anxiety and fear in the child, is no longer able to explore.

Secondly, child education is responsible for enhancing the child's self-confidence. He must be given some tasks and responsibilities appropriate to his age, such as: feeding the pets, arranging the laundry, arranging his toys, and parents must determine what to do and what is expected of him to increase the child's sense of great benefit.

It is also important to celebrate the success of the child. It is possible to assign a photo album containing pictures of the child's achievements and successes. This is a way to show interest in him, his growth and his learning, his self-confidence, and the parents as role models for children. Parents must show their self-confidence and confidence in front of their children. Always new, and encourage themselves loud. Children continue to watch their parents learn what to do or feel, and learn how to control pain, anger, and frustration.
Kevin supported the child's self-confidence
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