Learn about the gravity of the microwave

The principle of heating food in the microwave depends on the radiation of evaporation of the molecules of water between the atoms of food, thus providing heat energy to heat food, in the normal situation there is no risk of the microwave, as the walls inside prevent these rays from leaking out.

 But when there is a change in the order of the movement of radiation inside the microwave it may become dangerous, such as this energy is ionized by the presence of a piece of metal inside the microwave after the operation, where there produces something similar to the wall between this body and the oven door in the form of ionized air, Thunder cloud, and this air is the transmission of electricity.

The risk of radiation is that it produces a very high voltage difference is considered fatal in the case of any human being, and also some Russian experiments indicated that exposure to these radiation continuously will cause diseases such as cancer in the long term.
Learn about the gravity of the microwave
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