Learn about S8 applications

, The S8 contains many of the excellent applications that we will recognize and from these applications, the application Galaxy Ace, a store app similar to the Google Play live store that this application can be installed by installing applications dedicated to the Samsung S8 phone or accessories.

It also includes the Samsung Bay application, where the application can pay by credit cards in the stores that have the devices to pay these cards, and the process is wireless with the feature of long-range communication, and ensures that the application process is complete security, and no one can pay from During application only by fingerprint recorded on the phone, or by entering the PIN code.

Samsung Application is an application that allows the user to receive technical support in the event of any problems in the device, and allows technicians to establish a remote connection with the mobile phone through the Samsung Asist in the application, and there is a application Samsung Gear is an application Dedicated to accessories that can be connected to the Samsung S8 phone, such as: smart watches, where the application can manage these accessories, and take advantage of the features that are available to users.

 It also includes the application of the Samsung Health application. This application enables the user to manage the data of the custom accessories to track the health condition of the body. The application also benefits from the pedometer sensor included in the Samsung S8 devices, to track the number of steps the user walks on a daily basis, The notes can be used to write easier, and notes can be organized and added to groups as desired by the user.
Learn about S8 applications
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