Learn the secret of Samsung secrets

Samsung has unveiled its new handset, the Samsung Galaxy S2, which joins the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. Samsung's chief executive stated that the main feature of the phone is folding and comes in very impressive specifications that make it a truly distinctive and expensive phone. That it has established a new category of phones is a folding phone has been promoting the phone and its specifications for a long time on their site and today we ask you everything you need to know about Samsung's new folding phone.

Samsung has decided to unveil the new phone, which has been rumored for a long time. The company will be holding a big phone promotion in San Francisco as a non-traditional event. Has revealed that Rolyole has unveiled its first mobile phone since last year, but Samsung will outperform the specifications it has set for its phone this time.

 Samsung is planning to launch the new phone in the market since April starting from the price of $ 1,980, which comes with a pair of new wireless headsets and there will be the LTE and G5 and Samsung plans to start the device in Europe On May 3 starting from 2000 euros.
Learn the secret of Samsung secrets
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