Methods of treating constipation in infants

One of the most important ways to treat constipation is to provide the child with a small amount of fruit juice diluted with water, as it is given with the baby's daily feed, which should not be replaced by mixing fruit with water and the need not to sweeten the juice; because sugar does not help to get rid of constipation, Examples of fruit pear, apple, and peach must be kept away from apricots, kiwis, and berries.

The child should be placed in a warm room on a soft piece of cloth. He should move his legs in a circular movement similar to the movement of the wheel, pushing the right leg from the right shoulder and the left leg from the left shoulder, gently tilting to the right and left.

It is also recommended to provide the child with a small amount of herbs and mint; by heating a bowl of water on the fire, so that the water is lukewarm, then add a bag of herbs, and immersed in water five times, and then to provide the child with different meals; With a calming mint for the baby's stomach and facilitates digestion.

A warm bath should be made for the baby because the warm water has no effect on the child's stomach from the inside. The symptoms of constipation make the child feel uncomfortable, but this can relieve the feeling. The warm bath makes it easier to relax the constricted muscles of the child.
Methods of treating constipation in infants
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