Reasons for slow computer

One of the reasons for the slow computer 'Excess files Existence of unnecessary files on the hard drive cause slow down the device, although it is possible to get rid of this problem by removing these files, go to: Star - all programs - accessories - system tools - disk cleanup, then select the disk to clean, and delete all unnecessary files.

There are also programs that are not important. You can eliminate the unnecessary number of programs on disk "C" by removing these programs by going to the controlpanel menu, then All Control Panel Items, then Programs and Features, It should be noted that deleting programs by accessing them directly from the hard drive is one of the wrong ways to delete these programs.

As it happens because of the automatic programs are approved to work programs that work automatically when the device is running, it is possible to stop these programs by pressing windows + R key and then write the command ms-config, and after disabling unwanted programs to run ' Ie, the introduction of the physical components of the device, knowing that there are many programs that occur themselves constantly, which makes a difference between them and the operating system of the device, so have to keep pace with this development, and the knowledge of the quality of devices necessary to activate these programs.

The hidden programs also have many programs hidden on the device as a result of the use of "flash memory", to transfer information from one device to another increases the likelihood of transmission of viruses to the device, and thus slow, knowing that downloading programs from the Internet and from informal sites and increases the risk of endangering the device , Although it is possible to eliminate this problem by adopting anti-virus programs, and it is recommended to standardize the type of these programs for all devices connected to the local network.
Reasons for slow computer
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