Signs of healthy baby

Some of the most important signs that indicate the health of your baby, the calmness of the baby at the time of the baby calms down when you hold him or when you hear your voice, does not mean that he will stop crying completely, but naturally your voice draws attention because the voice heard at length is in your womb, He has used to a quiet life that only your voice and habit used to sleep in the womb of a narrow and warm hearing your voice and your pregnancy and reassuring him will restore his memories in the womb and feel comfortable in the past, but shows this kind of comfort when communicating with you, It develops emotionally and properly.

The number of wet diapers daily wetting your child between eight to ten diapers a day, and at the same time gaining the appropriate weight for age, indicating that it is enough milk, and grow at the normal rate, even if it passed days when it does not eat milk at the previous rate, It is necessary to visit a doctor periodically, especially in the first year of the child's age to ascertain the rate of growth, and should not exceed the number of times to drink milk or quantity Which he drinks every time as a measure of growth.

One of the signs is the stare and exploration that your child experiences during the day in which he is quiet and staring around. This indicates that he has begun to explore his small world and to see the things around him. This stage begins after the child can control the muscles around his eyes and learn to focus his eyes on a purpose , After he reaches the first month of his life, when the child is quiet is at a curious stage to know what is happening around him, then begins to store memories and information related to a purpose.

As your baby can hear the sounds, your baby turns to the new sound that he hears and calms until he listens to it. This indicates that his or her hearing is developing properly. Children are born with an audible ability, but need time to distinguish between everyday white noise and other sounds. The child turns to the game that produces music or a loud voice means that his ears are sound and he is beginning to feel curious to know the sources of sounds.

The baby's attention to color and motion is a sign of his vision and his brain development. Do not underestimate the importance of your child staring at the moving ceiling fan for the longest time because it is the biggest evidence of his development and growth.
Signs of healthy baby
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