Skills of teaching the child to obey

 One of the methods that helps the child to obey and make him obedient is the good example. The role model has a great and effective effect on the child. He imitates his parents in every small and large way. Therefore, they have to create high Islamic ethics and avoid all bad creation. And the child sees this through deeds and not words, as many parents are trying to teach the child not to lie, but he is aware of the actions of his parents contrary to that, Vengrs in his mind what he found from the parents of the acts of words, As well as obedience, if the parents showed obedience to their fathers or who they are Older than them, the child grew up to obey them.

The second is to keep away from the blame for many and the continuous suffering; the child is not rebuked for any behavior that comes out of him, because the large number of reprimands and reprimand leads the child out of the circle of care to the circle of carelessness and obedience to the child; On the other hand, God forbade the parents to call on their children, because that is contrary to Islamic morality and compassion that the button God Almighty in the hearts of his slaves.

Thirdly, the child must be given the rights and the implementation of his wishes and needs, and justice and equality of treatment between children and non-discrimination between them, because discrimination generates hatred and aggression in the child, and it is difficult to find a child who feels inadequate and injustice obedient for a long time, may be obeyed temporarily and soon to announce Rebellion and rebellion against those around him.
Skills of teaching the child to obey
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