Sound educational methods to increase the child's intelligence

Intelligence is an important element that helps the child excel in his or her daily life and because it is linked to many factors such as genetic or circumstantial, we chose to present in today's article some effective ways to raise the intelligence of the child and help him to develop mental, Because reading is one of the most important tools that open up children's thoughts to different worlds, even if most of them are fictional, do not hesitate to encourage your child to read stories, children's books, or even watch his films. the card Favorite faith with the repetition in his own language, and the result will be fertile imagination and the mind active.

Second, not to ignore the conversation with the child where it helps talk with the child, despite the young age in the development of language skills and also to raise the level of intelligence according to recent studies. So do not hesitate to talk to your child or ask some questions to help him to think and also to be a good listener.

Most of the mothers try to help their children do all their affairs, even those that are related to eating or dressing, but it is advisable to let them deal with some things themselves - a way to enhance their intelligence by pushing them to think and find solutions to their small problems.

 Fourth, for healthy sleep, where the child should not get enough sleep hours to reduce his IQ, as evidenced by scientific studies that indicate a link between the grades of the school child and the average amount of sleep. Therefore, my lady decided to set a fixed sleep for the child to be done in a quiet environment and appropriate to promote a large amount of healthy sleep.

V. Hugging You may think that the embrace of the child is related to mental health only, but in fact has positive effects on his IQ, where the experts of education that the incubation of the child and the grant of tenderness and love helps in the development of the brain and perception, which increases the proportion of intelligence.

 VI. Proper nutrition. Make sure to provide healthy food to the low-IQ child, which should include the nutrients needed to help develop the child's brain, fish feet, omega-rich foods and fruits such as potassium-rich bananas necessary for brain health.
Sound educational methods to increase the child's intelligence
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