Steps to teach your child to read

 There are many steps that help to teach children to read. They are applied early in the life of children. Among these steps is singing the alphabetic song with the child. This is often preferred when the child is young and is encouraged to encourage the child to sing it alone without help.

The characters can also be displayed on the child, and then asked to pronounce them. If he can not, he can tell them, so that he can begin to attach the character to his image. The side of the image of the child so he calls her before her heart to check the name, preferring to move the finger on the characters while reading the name.

It is also possible to write a word on a paper, make the child read it and repeat it, and then ask him to utter it from its beginning, middle, and end by himself to know the different sounds of the letters, read books that fit the child's age, make him repeat some words, Without help.
Steps to teach your child to read
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