The negative effects of technology

 One of the most important negatives caused by technology to society and its effects on them is that it has caused negative effects on social life. The development of technology and the emergence of mobile smart devices have negatively affected the social relations and social development of adults and children alike. On the impact of technology on the social development of children at a university such as California's Livornia, children who declined to use smartphones and laptops for five days showed a marked improvement in emotion Which has been offered to them more than other children. Consequently, the irrational use of technology can cause children to be unable to build social relationships and thus tend to be isolated and isolated

 Technology has had a negative impact on education, despite the advantages of technology in education, such as saving time and allowing students to get more information. However, this has also been accompanied by some negative effects, such as forcing students to use skills And their basic spelling systems have reduced their written and spelling skills as well as reduced their computational skills as a result of repeated use of calculators.

They also have negative health effects. The negative health effects of the non-systematic use of technology can manifestly be apparent to many people, namely, the stress of the eye as a result of the use of digital devices or computers for long hours in succession, as well as the attendant Pains and cramps in the neck and head, reduced physical activity level and attendant laziness.

 In a study conducted at Harvard and Columbia Universities, researchers found that students were able to keep information better when they were banned from using a computer. One study, published in Science in 2011, shows that students can not remember Just how and where they can get the information online if they are allowed to use the Internet
The negative effects of technology
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