The reason for the launch of the Galaxy S10

The success of the Galaxy S10 will further boost Samsung's market share in China. Samsung recently held its annual shareholder meeting, and company executives announced good news for the smart phone segment. Samsung is confident of a positive change in the company's position in China, the market where the market share of the company fell from 20% in 2013 to less than 1% in 2018.

Samsung CEO toldholders that everything has changed, including the way people manage, people, distribution channels, the latest and leading smart phones and the middle of the company will make a positive change in the Chinese market, according to Reuters, some trump cards Which Samsung owns include Galax Fold, Galaxy S10 5G and other advanced technologies that Apple will not be able to bring to market until 2020.

In order to push smart phone users to switch to Samsung, the South Korean company offers repurchase deals on the Chinese shop, and you can restore your old phone and get a new Galaxy S10 with a discount of up to 450 US dollars, and according to sources, the initial sales of phones The new Galaxy S10 is more than the initial sales of the Galaxy S9 phones. Samsung's new flagship phones sold more than 500k units in the first two weeks after its launch.
The reason for the launch of the Galaxy S10
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