Tips for dealing with a naughty child

One of the most important tips for dealing with the naughty child is shouting and being considered a cause of fear in the child. He is not self-confident, so is his fear and mental problems, so he warns the parents to yell at their children's faces and speak in a moderate and appropriate voice.

The child can understand what adults are saying. If the language is clear and simple, parents should come to the level of their children's minds and discuss them in a clear and easy manner that suits their mental abilities and level of understanding.

Children must trust their parents and learn a lot of qualities from them. Parents must take care to do the right things for their children. Parents must be trusted with their children. For example, they are warned to give their children fake dates such as a date or date of return. Where parents are asking their children for honesty, but at the same time asking them to lie, such as denying the presence of someone in the house.

It is also preferable to make the child the level of talking with him, either sitting on the ground, or raising the child, so as not to feel the child is weak for the speaker, and should not be used to intimidate children with myths and legends, this method reflects heavily on the child's psyche, and also lose confidence in his parents If he made a mistake and did not get what they were threatening him with.
Tips for dealing with a naughty child
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