Tips to open the baby's appetite

 Abolene faces many problems because of their children's loss of appetite, and difficulty eating
Parents may have to expose their child to food for at least 15 times to be accepted, and a variety of new foods are among the most motivating motivations for eating and other things to take care of; to encourage the child to eat:

The child should be allowed to help with the preparation and preparation of meals, which will encourage him to eat the foods he has prepared. Prevent the child from eating juices and snacks before eating the main meal for at least an hour, and avoid forcing the child to finish his class, and not insist on it. Ignore the child's screaming when eating food, and try to control the nerves.

The child should be praised and rewarded for experimenting with new varieties. It is best to allow him to share with his friends and peers. The child is more likely to experience new varieties when other children share them, and to be careful about staging, Where small quantities can be started, and when the baby accepts them, the quantities can be increased gradually.

Fresh foods are also preferred, such as adding spinach to fresh juices, adding vegetables to pizza, cutting fruit, vegetables in innovative forms, and a sign of children, and continuing to follow the child by all child care providers. Check with your doctor if your child's diet decreases for several months.
Tips to open the baby's appetite
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