Treatment of Behçet 's Herbal Disease

There are some procedures that can be used after consultation with the doctor to reduce the symptoms of the disease and control, including the use of plant extracts, including: Berberine, where the extraction of alkaline barbarin from a group of Chinese herbs, such as the genus Berberis or the so-called archery, The Chinese Copt has a role in the treatment of many inflammatory disorders and autoimmune disorders.

According to a study in the Japanese Journal of Pharmacology conducted on 20 male participants with Behçet disease and 20 healthy male volunteers, the aim was to study the safety of the red blood cell membrane by measuring the proportion of The study found that the use of an antioxidant such as the extract of the plant Genaka will increase the strength of the antioxidant in the body, and therefore may show an improvement in cases of Behçet disease.

Apple cider vinegar is used on a daily basis as an antioxidant. It acts as a pH balance in the blood and increases energy. It also acts as an immunosuppressant and omega-3 fatty acids, which helps omega-3 fatty acids Fish oil) on the treatment of inflammation of the body and reduce the feeling of pain.

Vitamin C is also an effective antioxidant, as it helps strengthen and support the immune system, eliminating free radicals and many other substances that cause health problems.
Treatment of Behçet 's Herbal Disease
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