Treatment of delayed pregnancy with herbs

There are some studies that indicate the positive effect of some herbs in fertility, but these studies are few and therefore there is no clear and strong evidence that we can rely on to say definitively that any herb has a beneficial effect on pregnancy, and will explain the most famous herbs related to fertility, , Which are taken from a tree called a chastity tree and are used by these fruits to balance the hormones and adjust the menstrual cycle.

A Chinese study found in 2015 that the incidence of pregnancy was higher in women who took Chinese herbs. This was the case for couples who took the IVF compared to women who did not take these herbs in conjunction with the IVF process.

Black kohosh is also used by some women to control menstrual periods and some men to increase sperm efficiency. It should be noted that black cohosh is not safe during pregnancy, and cassava roots are believed to support fertility.

Maca's roots, which support the health and fertility of women and men, are the guiding palmetto, which helps increase sperm count, but there is some evidence that sperm may be harmed by its use.
Treatment of delayed pregnancy with herbs
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