Update phone software

There are a lot of updates to the phone software, including manual and automatic, and we will also know the ways to update the iPhone, first Update the Android software manually and there are steps to update the programs installed on the Android phone, manually and according to the user's desire to do so: Open the PlayStores Store for Android phones. , And then select the My apps and games option, which appears in the main men Click on the Updates menu, and then choose one of the following options: Update All, to update all applications that need to be updated, and manually. Update to update a specific application.

The second type of update updates Android software automatically and there are steps to update the programs of the phone running Android, and automatically through the use of Play Store applications PlayStores where you can open the Android application store, and then click the menu button, and then choose the option settings and choose the option Update Applications automatically select one of the two update options on the screen and they automatically update the applications at any time and update the applications using any of the available communication methods, either via phone data or over the Wi-Fi network. Automatically update apps over Wi-Fi only, to update apps if Wi-Fi is available.

Update the iPhone software, update iPhone software by using the application store of this phone and open the Apple Store Store for iPhone applications enter the Apple account username, enter the password, click the login button, click on the updates option, and click On the Update All button, and you can choose to update a specific program via the iPhone by clicking on the Refresh button next to the application
Update phone software
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