Ways to lighten hair color naturally

One of the most important ways to light hair naturally herb camomile flower, where available in the markets bags grilled from the herb Chamomile, which can give amazing results in the lightening of hair to the natural blond color, in addition to it helps to increase the vitality and vitality, and prepare this mixture by sinking one bag of Chamomile in one liter of boiling water for about half an hour, then wash the hair with solution for about four hours, then rinse hair well with water and shampoo suitable for the quality of hair, and this recipe is repeated for a number of days until you get the desired color.

In addition, the lemon juice helps to lighten the hair, where this recipe can be prepared by mixing about five grains of fresh lemon with half a cup of water, then full hair parts, and leave it for about four hours, and then wash the hair as usual with water and shampoo, The method will make a clear difference in color with daily repetition. Cinnamon and Honey Prepare this method by mixing three tablespoons of soft cinnamon powder with two tablespoons of olive oil, a glass of water and another cup of white honey, then mix all the ingredients until they become like dough, and then paint the full-hair paste from the roots to the edges, For four hours, then rinse well with water and shampoo.

It also helps pure vinegar with soy sauce by mixing half a cup of white vinegar with a quarter cup of soy sauce in a box with a sprayer. Then sprinkle all the hair with solution. Leave for a quarter of an hour, then wash with water, shampoo, henna and chamomile. Of henna with a simple amount of chamomile with water, and paste on all parts of the hair from the roots and even limbs, and then cover the plastic for half an hour at a minimum, and then wash the hair with water and shampoo, and this mixture special dark black hair.
Ways to lighten hair color naturally
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