Ways to protect you from pregnancy

One of the most important methods that prevent pregnancy naturally without resorting to drugs, first of all natural satisfaction, where breastfeeding is one of the oldest and most common methods of prevention of pregnancy naturally, because it is very safe and does not expose the body to any of the hormonal substances that would cause But it is worth mentioning that this method is not sufficiently guaranteed; the chances of ovulation remain even if they are small.

The second method, you can set the date of ovulation ', which is considered a natural way to successful in the prevention of pregnancy, but requires that the menstrual cycle regular in the woman, because any violation can occur to tamper in calculating the date of ovulation, which would lead To the possibility of pregnancy with ease.

The third method is to rely on the safety period. This method is another method of avoiding pregnancy, but the success of the application requires great strength and endurance by the couple. The period of safety is a period limited to the first four days after the end Period, and from the last 5 to 8 days prior to the arrival of the latter (ie menstrual cycle).

 The fourth method is external ejaculation, where some couples rely on ejaculation outside to avoid pregnancy, a method that may be successful sometimes, while sometimes failing when the ejaculation is inadvertently inadvertently thrown away. This method has many other defects, notably the lack of sexual satisfaction of the wife in particular, which is likely to cause the congestion of internal organs, and suffering from a lot of pain at the level of both the abdomen and back.

Ways to protect you from pregnancy
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