What do you do when your child lies?

Some children resort to lying How to avoid lying in your child, where children usually lie at the age of 3 years and may develop until it reaches school age, and to avoid this problem you need Madam to encourage your child to tell the truth, through Praise his sincerity in front of the family and strengthen your words with some stories' and you have to tell him your sadness and disappointment when he lies while you feel pride and happiness when he tells the truth.

In addition, you have to avoid your child's stances, such as lying, for example, when he pours milk. Do not tell him who did it because he will have to lie for fear, while you can handle it by saying, "I see that the milk has been spilled and we must clean it. .

You can also turn to stories and read to him his books and stories about the importance of honesty and telling the truth whatever, and avoid saying "you are a liar" because it will add insult to the word and will come back on this word, and must be proficient in the use of appropriate punishment, Wall, let him help you clean the wall and tell him that it is a mistake and must be repaired without being loved in the room or deprive him of watching television, it may feel sad but will not help him fix his mistake.

Lying is one of the worst qualities that your child may learn. It is a falsification of the facts, either wholly or partially. Most children may learn to do so at an early age, but this problem must be addressed in wise ways so as not to communicate with them at an advanced age.
What do you do when your child lies?
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