Benefits of millet, know it

One of the main benefits of millet is that it helps to relieve the cramps and pains of the menstrual cycle, because it contains a high proportion of magnesium and magnesium, which lowers blood pressure, because it provides comfort to the muscles located in the inner wall of the arterial, and also contributes to Reduce the frequency of migraine headaches, reduce asthma severity, and strengthen blood circulation in the scalp, thus helping to grow hair more intensely and stronger.

It is also a suitable and ideal food for people suffering from zlag disease, which causes damage to the small intestine, thus losing the intestines its ability to absorb the food digested completely, especially gluten, and millet free of glutathine is considered one of the best foods for people suffering from this the disease.

In addition, it reduces triglyceride levels in the blood and reduces blood density, thus preventing the individual from risking coronary artery disorder and the risk of sunstroke. Stimulates the milk glands to produce large amounts of milk, thus helping the mother to feed her child longer and longer, so it is recommended for breastfeeding women and pregnant women to eat plenty of it.

It also raises the level of serotonin in the body thanks to its richness in tryptophan, and thus works to reduce stress, and drinking a cup of juice every night helps to sleep deeply. Is rich in vitamin B, which stimulates the breakdown of carbohydrates and fats with high effectiveness, and also reduces the level of the amino acid in the blood, to prevent the association of cholesterol in the blood, and thus provides prevention of the incidence of atherosclerosis of blood vessels and arteries, and the incidence of bleeding.

It also provides the body with the amounts needed by protein, and keeps the skin tight, and delay the signs of aging, thanks to the wealth of many amino acids, such as Labrolin and lysine, and these are stimulates the body to produce collagen that keeps the cells and tissues of the body tight, It helps in regenerating damaged and dead cells, thus making the skin brighter.
Benefits of millet, know it
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