The disadvantages of the laser process

In spite of the advantages of the laser process, there are disadvantages and the first: The incidence of these complications is less than five percent, and the vision of halos around the lights at night during the first months after the operation, leading to problems in driving the night, and the difference in the response of the human eye , So that the result of the operation can be more or less than zero in a way that affects the clarity of the strength of the sight, which necessitates an additional laser session.

It also works on the need to use glasses of small strength to obtain better visual strength, and the quality of visual sensation in the first months after the operation, but it returns as it was and better after that, and can occur some folds in the crust of the cornea if the patient Bdk eyes severely The first days after the operation.

It also occurs in the infection of the microbial corneal inflammation after the laser process and can be prevented by sterilization of the operation room well. Permanent changes in cornea such as irregular corneal surface, making it difficult to wear contact lenses again, due to lack of surgical experience and misconduct in the treatment of some minor complications that affect the eye after the operation. Corneal injury and fear. Decreased sensitivity of variation. Vision deterioration or permanent vision loss.
The disadvantages of the laser process
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