What are the symptoms of teething

The symptoms of teething make the child look like a vampire, where he exercises a lot of bites and exercises it on anything like plastic spoons, toys, or even the mother's breast, and you can buy some toys that Sold in the markets and used in the period of teething so that the child can bite them.

It is also symptoms of excessive salivation of saliva, as when children are still young, "newborns" are in the stage of learning how to swallow their saliva and this causes excessive salivation of saliva, and when the stage of teething in the child, the saliva is growing more discreet than usual and It may never stop in some cases. During teething, the body creates extra saliva to soften gums and treat swelling and inflammation.

The symptoms of teething affect the child and make him start to wake up especially during the night, where the child feels a lot of pain even during sleep and because of the emergence of teeth, which makes him wake up and start screaming, and the occurrence of disturbances in the sleep pattern, because of the discomfort and accompanying Teething Children usually sleep less often and wake up early in the morning.

It also causes fever, rashes, coughs and diarrhea, although some doctors disagree, but many mothers discover a mild fever "more than 38 degrees Celsius" in their children when children are teething. In addition, teething can also cause skin rash, cough, and some children may develop diaper rash and diarrhea.

It also leads to decreased appetite, where when the child feels pain, it loses the desire to eat in general and especially as it passes the areas where they feel pain. But the mother must try to feed them as much as possible despite the child's resistance. If your child's intake of calories is very low, it is best to consult your doctor about this.
What are the symptoms of teething
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