Benefits of Dom juice on the saliva

 One of the most important benefits of Dum juice on the saliva is that it prevents drought during fasting. Dum juice is an equal pressure drink, which means that it has the same concentration of body fluids. It is known that our bodies need 2 liters of fluid a day. Equal to drinking 8 cups every day, and in the exercise of various activities during the day lose the body from 2 to 3 liters per day, and in order to prevent the drought we must replace the body fluids wasted from the body drinking an ammonia equal pressure drink as it is more effective to replace body fluids Instead of ordinary water. The
minerals found in the dum juice can be used as an ammonia equal
pressure drink for dehydration.
In addition, it facilitates the juice of Dom on the stomach digestion, where constipation is one of the digestive problems suffered by fasting during the month of Ramadan, the gum juice contains dietary fiber, which stimulates the movement of the intestine and increase the size of the stool and facilitate the process of output, constipation treatment .
It also helps to cool the temperature of the body, where the holy month of Ramadan in the summer and the high temperature affecting the body of the fasting, and the juice of the Dom gives a sense of recovery and vitality of the fasting, the juice of fasting on the stomach useful for diabetics, On a low blood sugar index, and the glycemic index is the percentage that shows the possibility of increasing the level of sugar in the nutrients and thus sugar-free domicile juice useful for diabetics.
It also has natural antibiotic properties. Dum fruit juice is a natural antibiotic that can stop the growth of viruses and bacteria that may affect health. It contains an important enzyme that works as an antibiotic. You can also make probiotic drink from the fruit of dom with milk, Probiotics is a drink that contains good microorganisms that can resist harmful bacteria in the body.
In addition to that it prevents the juice of Dom on the stomach feeling fatigue and fatigue, and may be subjected to fasting many of the problems and psychological stress during the fasting period may be some because of the feeling of hunger and thirst, especially with high temperature of the atmosphere, the fruit juice dom stimulates a sense of comfort and relaxation as it contains The properties of natural sedative. In addition, the Dum juice contains vitamin C which helps to overcome stress and promotes mood
Benefits of Dom juice on the saliva
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