Benefits of Qamar Din juice

One of the most important benefits of Qamaruddin is that it helps to supply the body with many vitamins and minerals and nutrients necessary for it, as it contains the juice of the moon on many of the nutrients needed by the body of fasting after a long day of fasting, (A, C, K, E, Niacin) in good quantities, and contains a small amount of some other vitamins (less than 5% of the recommended daily value.

It also contains good amounts of minerals such as potassium, copper, manganese and phosphorus, and is a good source of dietary fiber, such as most fruit types, manganese, iron and copper, and thus helps to strengthen and protect the bones and prevents the incidence of osteoporosis.

In addition, it helps to improve the health of the heart, and honey juice is useful for people who have some heart disease or are prone to infection such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes, as it contains a large amount of vitamin C, dietary fiber and potassium and all these elements contribute In maintaining cardiovascular health.

Antioxidants such as vitamin C protect the heart from free radicals. Potassium also reduces blood pressure by reducing blood vessel and arterial tension. Dietary fiber helps to remove excess cholesterol from the lining of the blood vessels and arteries, leading to the removal of blood and arteries. the heart  .
Benefits of Qamar Din juice
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