Benefits of watermelon in Suhoor:

One of the most important benefits of watermelon is that it keeps the watermelon on the body moisturizing and the amount of fluids and water lost by the body of the fasting during the day of Ramadan, especially in hot weather, and recommended my kidney to eat a slice of watermelon on the suhour because it helps to support the health of the kidney to get rid of toxins harmful to the body.

Regular intake of watermelon helps to nourish the skin, increase its freshness, vitality, moisturize and moisturize it after a long day of fasting. Regular watering of watermelon is useful for diabetics. Studies suggest that L-arginine supplements are useful in regulating glucose metabolism and sensitivity. Insulin.

Constipation is also one of the most common problems experienced by fasting people during the month of Ramadan, as their bodies lose large amounts of water and fluids during fasting. Regular use of watermelon on the suhoor helps to prevent constipation because it contains a large amount of fiber and water.
The fasting person is advised to eat watermelon regularly on the suhoor to get full hydration and prevent the drought so as not to be susceptible to stroke heat, and eating watermelon on Suhur feel full and full because it contains a high proportion of water.

It is also recommended that heart patients eat appropriate amount of melon on the suhour because it contains lycopene, which reduces the levels of cholesterol and the incidence of heart disease and problems of blood vessels, and helps to lose weight easily and faster.
Benefits of watermelon in Suhoor:
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