How to delete samsung account

There are a lot of reasons why a person can delete their account on Samsung, such as selling the device to someone else. In the following steps, we will mention how to delete the account, enter the settings menu on the home page or the list, In the existing menu, when you click on them we have several options for several programs we have an account in, such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

We can also click the Google option, which will show the email address for our account. Click on the account's email address from the options. We choose the option to delete the account at the bottom of the page, and automatically we will see a message stating that deleting the account will delete all the messages, images and all the information that you are on.

We can also continue to click on the next word until we finally delete the account and then press it. However, if the account has been deleted, there will be no way to return it. This is one of the best services it provides, and it is essential that it be activated. It allows adding the phone number to the service, finding it in a lost state, and controlling the device remotely, and closing it.

There is also a family event service, and allows the user to share pictures and thinkers through a limited and limited communication channel, where up to twenty people. File transfer service and data from one device to another after taking a backup.
How to delete samsung account
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