How to Download Applications from Apple Store

  Apple Store provides users with the opportunity to download any of the applications presented to it on devices that help the iPhone or iTouch, by doing simple steps, including the opening of Apple Store application on the mobile device, by clicking on the icon of the application, and click on the search option On the bottom of the app's homepage, and then print the keywords for the app to upload in the space for the search option. Keywords are words like toys, calculators, travel, and many more.

In addition, the list of results displayed on the screen will be reviewed, and then the application will be downloaded to the device. By completing the previous step, the page of the selected application will be opened, and what the user should do is click on the download option to download it directly on the device in case It is free, but if the price of the user has to fill in the password for the iTouch account for automatic payment of the price of the application and then loaded on the device.
Download programs from the Father Store without a password by pressing the Settings option on the main phone screen. Click on the General option. Select the Restrictions button, enter a secret number to enable restrictions, and retype it. Select the Password Setting option, and close the Password Required option by pressing the green tag next to the option.

Go to the "Stor", click "Top Free", type in the search box the name of the application you want to download, click the program that you want to download, and click "Free" next to it. Click Install to complete the download, and then press OK to download the program.

How to Download Applications from Apple Store
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