How to download songs on iPhone

 One of the easiest ways to download songs is to use the iTunes application on your computer by following the steps below. Find the library section, click the Music option in the left pane, One song from the iTunes library, to the iPhone, the user should simply drag and drop them from the main iTunes window to the iPhone icon, located in the right pane under the Devices section.

To transfer multiple songs at once, the user can use the keyboard shortcuts by pressing CTRL, clicking Command Key, using the Mac, selecting the set of songs to be transferred, IPhone (iPhone).

The most important way to download songs on the iPhone via Google Play Another way to download songs on the iPhone is to use the application Google Play, and to be able to require the possession of a Google account, and login to it, and if you log out of the account will remove all downloaded songs , And to download the songs you must follow the following steps Open the application "Google Play Music"

Clicking on the album, or the playlist, clicking on the download button, and note: If you want to stop the download process you can click the download button. How to view songs that have been uploaded to the iPhone The songs that have been uploaded to the iPhone can be viewed by following the steps next to opening the music application on the main screen of the iPhone. Clicking on the Music tab.

The view type dropdown is selected from the menu in the middle of the screen, and the option to allow music playback in offline mode is turned to the playback mode.
How to download songs on iPhone
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