Proper nutrition of pregnant women when fasting:

Pregnant women should eat special foods to maintain their health and the health of their fetus. They should eat calcium-rich foods. Pregnant women are advised to include calcium-rich foods in their diets because calcium is essential for maternal health and for building the bones of the fetus. Rich in calcium, recommended daily tanning on the suhour is a cup of yogurt, a cup of milk, cheese Quraish.

Pregnant women in Ramadan are advised to eat energy-rich sources of energy. Energy-rich food sources should be included in each meal such as leafy vegetables, almonds, fruit, whole wheat products, pasta, whole wheat bread, cereals and oats, especially on suhoor.

It is recommended to eat high protein foods. Pregnant women are advised to eat protein-rich foods during Ramadan during each meal with healthy fats such as fish, eggs, beans, lentils, poultry, fat-free meats, nuts and avocados.

If the pregnant woman feels dizzy, faint, weak, confused or tired during fasting, even after rest, you should break a sweet drink, replace the sugar and lost fluids, and a salty snack, to replace the salt. the lost.

It is also recommended to drink plenty of water to try to reduce the risk of drought, and remember that during pregnancy, may increase the amount of fluid needed by a cup or two cups a day, and eating foods that contain a high proportion of water, such as fruits and vegetables and soups in meals, "Breakfast" may also help you maintain your moisture.
Proper nutrition of pregnant women when fasting:
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