Remove viruses from mobile phone

 If a user is aware of a virus on his or her Android mobile phone, they can follow the following steps to remove malicious programs, including running the device in the "Safe mode" mode, to prevent any non-system programs from working, including the virus, Activating the "Safe Mode" mode on most phones by pressing the power button on the phone and then pressing the button again for a period of time until a screen shows the option to restart the device in the "Safe mode" mode. If this is not successful, Check the steps assigned to the type of mobile phone.

When entering "Safe Mode", the word "Safe Mode" will appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Access to Device Settings (English: Settings), then to Apps Settings, then choose the Downloaded Applications tab if not selected, search for any suspicious application, or the application that has broken the device since it was installed , And then press it to open a screen that shows information related to the application.

The application removal button is pressed to remove the virus from the device. If this is not successful, because the delete button is not enabled, it means that the application granted itself administrative properties, and to disable it, exit the application settings and then access the security settings.

 After clicking "Device Administrators", a list of all applications with administrative features will appear. The application will be deactivated by removing the tag next to its name and then pressing the "Deactivate" button on the next screen. App settings and delete the malicious application from the device / Restart the device to exit the "Safe mode" status.
Remove viruses from mobile phone
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