The benefits of lettuce on suhoor

One of the benefits of lettuce on suhoor is that eating lettuce on suhoor prevents dryness, moisturizes the body and prevents thirst during the day in Ramadan, as it contains a high percentage of water enough to make you wet. In addition, lettuce contains a good amount of fiber and water, both of which help prevent constipation and increase regularity. In the movement of the bowel, where constipation is one of the most common problems experienced by fasting during the month of Ramadan as their bodies lose large amounts of water and fluids during fasting

It also helps to improve the digestion process because it contains fibers that increase the movement of the bowel and regulate the movement of the digestive system, which is necessary in Ramadan because of the change in your food system, Zaan regularly taken on the suhour works to nourish the skin and increase the freshness and vitality and moisturizing and You lose it after a long day of fasting because it contains vitamin C.

Lettuce helps when sleeping on the suhoor. Some people suffer from a sleep disorder during the month of Ramadan because of the lack of time between breakfast and suhoor, and the whole day to watch television. Lettuce helps to increase concentration during fasting, as it protects the neurons.

It is also recommended to patients to eat lettuce on the suhor regularly, as it helps to reduce the levels of high cholesterol, which often lead to cardiovascular disease and other dangerous situations, and advised cancer patients to eat lettuce regularly on the suhoor, as the water extract of lettuce lettuce sativa, Without growth of leukemia and breast cancer cells.
The benefits of lettuce on suhoor
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