The seeds of the seeds are good for health

The most important benefits that benefit the human body from the seeds of the islands, as it is useful in the treatment of disorders of female hormones in women, and help to accelerate pregnancy, and regulate the menstrual cycle, and it helps in the modification of male hormones, increasing the number of sperm in the man, Infertility cases because they contain a lot of plant fiber feeder. D

Drinking drenched in carrot seeds is also beneficial in the treatment of mental illness, mood disorders, depression, sadness, and constant tension, as it helps to improve mood, and to bring joy and happiness to the person. It helps to prevent the occurrence of blood clots and improves blood flow in women's blood circulation. Carrot seeds reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

It also has a role in treating respiratory problems where it is useful in treating cough, chest diseases, bronchitis, colds, flu, and colds. Carrot seeds help to stimulate liver function, and prevents the occurrence of yolk jaundice "jaundice". The seeds of the islands to strengthen the eyesight, it treats myopia and other eye diseases such as night tea because it contains a high percentage of beta-carotene.

And helps to improve the work of the digestive system It removes puff and expels gases and stop diarrhea and remove acidity of the stomach and helps to burp, as well as in the treatment of gout, and also play a role in the expulsion of intestinal worms, and clearing the digestive system of fungi, bacteria, toxins accumulated, and seeds of carrots diuretic , Helps in the treatment of fluid retention in the body, also activates the kidneys, and addresses the problems of the urinary system and bladder, and have great effectiveness in the fragmentation of gravel and sand deposits, they contain a high percentage of potassium.

Carrot seeds also treat skin diseases such as allergies, pills, vermin, eczema and vitiligo. Carrot seeds contain a high percentage of carotenoids, alpha carotene and beta-carotene, which have proven effectiveness in resisting cancer cells in the body, preventing their spread, and reducing the risk of heart disease such as stroke and arteriosclerosis. Carrot seeds inhibit spleen enlargement, increase bile secretion, act to stimulate immune system performance efficiently, and increase its ability to resist various diseases.
The seeds of the seeds are good for health
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