Benefits of Al Saad plant

  One of the most important benefits of al-Saad plant is that it helps to treat abdominal pain and expels and kills worms in the abdomen, as well as treatment for nesol, and relieves fever, and has a role in the treatment of many heart diseases, and treatment of incontinence and urine. The pain of the nerves, and the hair grows, as it analyzes the hot winds of the waist and the sides.

Plus it helps to revitalize sex if fat with blubber. Prevents gum ulcers, relieves jaundice and palpitations and removes headaches. Diuretic and menstrual. It breaks the gravel, and as it tightens the teeth, the stomach is useful and heated, the mold is treated in the mouth and the nose is used in certain preparations such as soap and perfumes.

In addition, it is used as an insect repeller. The mother's milk is filtered by placing a blower from the roots of the plant on the breast, and healing wounds and ulcers through the placement of a blower from the roots to the affected area. Treatment for diarrhea and poor digestion and cure of vomiting and nausea, and reduces stress and anxiety, and also take into account when using the Saad internally that the doses do not exceed (6-9) grams of tubers per day. Get rid of hair in sensitive areas.
Benefits of Al Saad plant
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