Drinks decrease menstrual cycle

The benefits of using Chinese herbs in treating and relieving the pain of many diseases, pointed out that Chinese herbal medicine alternative can be used in the treatment of pain associated with the menstrual cycle, through this, bring tea composed of red flower petals (red fruit tea), a little red jujube, Which can be obtained from various herbal stores. These herbs work to calm the liver, relieve irritation and depression, regulate and nourish blood circulation, and relieve the pain associated with it.

You can also boil two cinnamon sticks with a handful of hawthorn in 750 ml of water, until the water level is almost half, add a teaspoon of brown sugar to the mixture, stir it until completely blended, then lift it off the fire, and you can drink it hot Such as tea to relieve cramps accompanying the menstrual cycle. Boil 50 grams of fresh parsley in 750 ml of water until boiling water becomes one cup.

Add 1 egg in boiling water and then drain well. The mixture will blend until it looks like flour, you can decorate it with salt and black pepper. This mixture is used to relieve the pain of the menstrual cycle. You can use heat pads or water closures by placing them on the abdominal area, giving them warmth that reduces menstrual pain.
Drinks decrease menstrual cycle
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