Know herbs that strengthen immunity

 One of the most important medicinal herbs that helps to strengthen immunity, cactus, which is described as a plant to heal wounds and other skin problems such as sunburn, a powerful facilitator also, a plant that can be found anywhere and you can plant in your garden in the climate Tropical or on the threshold of your window, and the hardness of leaves and the use of juice in which the Chamomile is one of the most famous herbs and beauty and taste wonderful, because of its many benefits and uses.

 Ginger is also one of the most popular herbs, which is widely used in Chinese cuisine, with no dish or spice. It is useful and strengthens and helps to prevent many diseases, in addition to parsley is famous for this leafy green leaf plant rich in potassium, and is often used as a decoration and leaves without eating, but its usefulness is great, and should not be without any dish of authority, Of vitamins.

It has been shown to strengthen the kidneys and help to detoxify the body and help to heal infections. It was used to strengthen memory, purify thought and increase wisdom. It contains a high concentration of calcium and volatile oils and is considered calm, gentle and antidepressant. It is a strong antibiotic against many bacteria and viruses and there is a German study proves that sage works to reduce blood sugar if you drink boiled this in addition to the benefit of the respiratory system and as a mouth and throat cleanser.

In addition to the mushroom's nest, which contains rich proteins and complex sugars similar to those found in the cells of bacteria and viruses and activates the cells of the upper brain and the cells of the thyroid gland as well as the eating cells and thus the immune system is strong against any possible attack of bacteria or viruses, and the mushroom of the most important cuisine in Japan and Germany because of its benefits. Vitamin A antioxidant plants such as carrots, apples, pears, strawberries, spinach, mango, cantaloupe and apricot.

In addition to natural color plants, all colored plants such as hibiscus, cherries, tomatoes and grapes are all immune-enhancing, and the Pill of Barella, which helps strengthen immunity, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidneys, eyes and skin. Echinacea strengthens the immune system and contains 10 compounds, all of which help to strengthen the body's immunity. Ginseng roots have a major role in strengthening immunity Spices such as cumin Turmeric Saffron Carnation Olive leaf used as a tea such as tea
Know herbs that strengthen immunity
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