Steps to teach your child to speak

The mother must always take some steps with her child to encourage him to speak and learn many simple words, and these steps, as the child's conversation since his birth as someone who distinguishes speech as if you say some words Do you want milk? Or do you feel sleepy, and start by knowing some of the things that surround him and if the child does not respond to any of the mother's dialogue, but this strengthens the personality and makes him hesitate to hear the words and understanding gradually until it seems familiar and gradually understood.

In leisure, you can talk to your child about things like weather, tell him about his father, work outside, work most of the time outside the house, and other things, and you will notice that your child is listening to you with great pleasure. Over time you will notice that he wants to speak and imitate his words if his words are simple and incomprehensible. This is a bed and this is milk, and this is a TV with the repetition of the word and with time the child will keep it and repeat it. If your child is wrong to speak, try repeating the correct pronunciation and with the time the word will be well.

You can also leave your child listening to some of the children's chants. It will inevitably attract his attention. He will focus on her words, memorize some words and try to recite them, and at night give your child a short story and a better story to increase the child's excitement and love with literature, increase his mental awareness, expand his imagination and encourage him to speak and speak. , Even if he does not realize what the content of the story, as the child feels and feels and needs some time to be alone these moments at the beginning of his life leave an indelible impact in his imagination and even grown.

You should also leave your child free to express himself and listen to him with all his listening, even if you do not understand half of his words, but he is interested in the desire to speak, ask him some questions and give him freedom of expression and express his wishes, whether he wants food or not, or wants to walk, and other things .

Children should usually hear strange sounds such as the sound of air, the sound of running water, the twittering of birds, or even the sound of a high-powered radio. All of these things catch his attention. Quickly, what you need is to name the sounds and utter them to him to expand his sense of perception and language.

 Also, put some posters on the walls of your child's room to be bright and beautiful colors, korud, or flying, or pictures of some animals and try to know each picture and utter the correct and give me some sounds like the sound of the pilot or cat, etc., if your child did not respond to The first time I knew perfectly well that he would master pronunciation in the next few times and that what he heard from you stored in his mind.

You should also open some walls for him to hear from time to time, making him understand the correct language and strengthen his perception, and have no difficulty in learning when passing in the coming years of his life. Leave your child a space of walking and mixing with the community with those in his age to play with sand or cubes or ball, this strengthens the character and learn from his peers to pronounce some words.
Steps to teach your child to speak
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