Symptoms of polycystic ovaries

It is difficult to detect the presence of bags on the ovaries if there are no symptoms on the patient is a possibility of existence, where the symptoms appear only if the bag is bursting, or if large, or cut off blood supply from the ovaries, and symptoms that may appear on the infected patient Polycystic ovaries are a pain in the pelvic area. The pain that the patient may feel is a feeling of heaviness and mild pain due to a large sac on the ovary.

It can also explode or twist its trunk as a result of a blow to the pelvic region, exercise, or intercourse. This causes sudden and severe pain in one side of the pelvis, sometimes swelling and bleeding.

Symptoms also include increased need for urination due to the pressure caused by the pelvis in the pelvic area, discomfort and pain in the pelvic area during intercourse, constipation, irregular menstruation, and changes in the menstrual cycle. ususally.

In addition, it causes swelling of the abdomen, feeling fullness and burning sensation in the esophagus, the feeling of rapid saturation, even eating low amounts of food, and if bleeding occurs as a result of the explosion of the sac.
Symptoms of polycystic ovaries
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