The benefits of excess hair in the body

"Hair follicles are not just hair fibers," said Dr Des Tobin, a professor of cellular biology at Bradford University. It also has blocks of blood vessels, nerves and fat, and stem cells are cells that do not lose the ability to regenerate themselves which helps to heal the skin.

 In addition, he is happy to provide protection from the sun and all other environmental influences. Nick Loy, a dermatologist at the Cranley Clinic in London, explains that prehistoric humans relied on the density of their body hair to protect themselves from factors Air. "People who suffer from baldness lose a lot of heat from their bodies, and when they feel cold, the body's hair stands to trap warm air near the surface of the skin," says Professor Tobin, director of the Center for Skin Sciences.

It also prevents nasal and nasal hair from entering dust and dust into the nose and lungs. This is confirmed by George Murthy, an ear, nose and throat consultant at the University of Leicester. "Hair in the nose and ear plays an effective role in preventing the entry of foreign substances Like dust to the nose and lungs. " "It is best to avoid removing the hair of the nose or ear, because its plucking removes hair roots and leaves holes in the skin, making it susceptible to infection," says Mr Morty.
"If there is a comparison between a wound on the outer part of a man's arm, where the hair follicles are larger and more numerous, with the wound inside the inner part of the arm, the wound in the arm, The outside will heal faster, because of the large number of stem cells in that area.

The benefits of excess hair in the body
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